Sammy Mitchell

About Sammy Mitchell

In true southern style, Sammy Mitchell discovered his love of music through Gospel. He found his voice and his stage presence at a young age through church singing competitions and enhanced his talents by getting a guitar at age 15. A year after picking up his first guitar, his youth pastor took him under his wing and began to teach him how to play. While Sammy still admires his teacher’s talent, he jokingly admits that he progressed past his teacher’s abilities by the end of the first year.

In 2003, Sammy began an 8 year career with the Oklahoma National Guard which included serving 15 months in Afghanistan. These months in Afghanistan served as great inspiration and brought deeper meaning to playing music. While serving, Sammy asked that his mom send his guitar to him. While this was initially intended to serve as a stress reliever, it quickly escalated to numerous fellow soldiers requesting him to play over the base’s PA system.  Sammy accredits these months of performing as what opened his eyes to the extreme passion he has for playing music.

In 2011, Sammy was introduced to a whole new type of inspiration as he welcomed his beautiful baby girl into the world.  Watching her grow and learn has served as Sammy’s greatest muse and has pushed him to better himself as a musician, father, and all around human being.

Through the years Sammy has met his fair share of heartache and rejection, but this has only pushed him further to his love of music and songwriting. In every performance and song lyric, Sammy produces a piece of him and allows his fans into his heart.   It’s easy to hear his southern roots, military spirit, and fatherly love in every soul filled song he sings! Although Sammy recognizes his talent and improvements through his hard work, he also humbly acknowledges the fact that he would not be where he is today without his faith in Jesus Christ.

Sammy’s hard work and diligence is finally paying off, mainly in the last year. He recently recorded a new EP in Nashville. His new single titled “She Drives Me” will be released to radio January of 2018. Sammy anticipates this EP being the start of something great!

“Singing and playing was something that came naturally for me. I feel a passion inside of me while singing up on stage.” – Sammy Mitchell

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